The Original Photon

I read the LAW OF ONE years ago. I found it fascinating even though I did not really understand it all.

Now that I follow Wisdom Teachings at I continue to understand more thanks to host David Wilcock.

Recently he spoke of the concept that the entire Cosmos started from a single photon.

Law of One says the First Distortion from Unity is FREE WILL. Creator chooses the free will to separate itself into many.

What you authorize with your free will, you experience. ‘Catalysts’ or experiences which make you feel pain, help you grow. No matter how bad the pain, you will grow. This will be repeated for as long as it remains useful to you. For as long as you get a payoff in feeling the negativity. If something is useful to your growth, it is creating a movement in consciousness away from peace love or oneness. So experiences that make you feel pain (sadness anger depression) will happen to you until you no longer respond with the negative emotions.

Second Distortion is LIGHT/LOVE. The photon is created. The entire universe originates from this photon. Cosmic love is different from 4th density love which we experience in our physical heart chakras.  So our ability to LOVE is a physically creative force which created and is creating our manifest reality.


So when we deviate from loving kindness into negativity we are balanced by universal forces (karma) and experience Catalyst which can be painful.

Living light has a heartbeat. The descriptions of Sonoluminescence from on Wisdom Teachings show us that this heart beat allows the release of light.


Love is like the physical tunnel that light can travel through.

If we think of it as male/female: Male Light reaches and female Love awaits his reach šŸ™‚

Humans are a holographic representation of the way the universe works in terms of physics. So we can say Love is the feminine force that channels the masculine force of Light. They work together.

So we see that there was one original photon or seed of light that Fractalized into the complete cosmos.

Screenshot 2016-10-19 14.10.23.png
Mandelbrot Set the Image of the boundary between predictability and Chaos
 Is this the original Photon ?

There are 2 main energies. An all pervasive Universal energy called Intelligent Infinity that is formless and timeless and it can only manifest through the Second which is Intelligent Energy or biological life.


Humans tend to worship the idea of love in a human form like Jesus or Buddah instead of the activity of love. Love is the force that creates the Universe but we are not to get caught up in the worship of it.


So is God Love ?

WE must remember the concepts of Unity and Infinity and realize that God is much broader than love alone. Empty awareness is different than love. Love in the human sense can be seen a joint activity. However we must first love and accept our selves. Know that you are ONE, as the identity of the structure of the cosmos. Your awareness built the universe and it started with a single photon.

screenshot-2016-10-19-13-59-05screenshot-2016-10-19-13-59-40Understanding the unity of reality and our work as a generator and creator of love helps us realize the vast potential we carry for healing our environment. This is what the Cabal of control does not want you to know.

What do you think ? Please tell me...

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