The Miraculous Chapel of Hathor at Dendera and The 5 Sun Cycle

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My trip to Egypt in April 2013 was awesome and quite the education.

The information was based on the Khemitian Oral Tradition. Ancient Khemit or KMT, not only refers to The Black Land (flooding with ‘Black soil’, even the ‘Black’ people) but perhaps also refers to The Band of Peace, a very ancient civilization of which Yousef Awyan teaches. His late father Ab’del Hakim Awyan passed on his wisdom to Yousef.

Hakim, a very popular guide since the 1950’s, was also an Egyptologist and European trained Archeologist. He coined the term Khemitology as the study of the times before our written histories. Consider these cycles could start back some 65,000 years ago.

Let’s start with a general background of Khemitology and why it is not Egyptology. The time line is very Pre-Dynastic Egypt. Consider the area called The Band of Peace, the land of KMT, had a special place, referred to as HET-KA-PTAH.

The Greeks who studied in ancient Egypt, is who we get our western history bias from. They transliterated this name to HI-GI-PTOS, so we get the term Egypt.

The Greek bias is curtailed in Khemitology as we gain access to the original oral history source. We begin to understand a more ancient timeline and techno/spiritual consciousness expanding information regular Egyptology misses.

It is said high civilizations existed before the end of the last ice age and perhaps were decimated by cataclysm resulting in a huge environmental shift. One can see the remains of this KMT civilization and the proof for the advanced technology they employed in the red granite, alabaster, calcite ruins and artifacts through out Egyptians temples and at the Aswan quarry in particular.See my blog on the Aswan Quarry and it’s evidence of advanced tool marks here. As well see the evidence in my blog on the Serepeum’s huge Granite boxes.

I am wondering if KMT links to a preexisting advanced global civilization.

Is the story of Atlantis based on this ancient global reality?

One thing I want to share from KMT tradition is the information concerning The 5 Sun Cycle.

I was guided to a depiction incorporation this teaching at a very special place at Dendera. The Temple of HAT-HOR.

Here was the place that mystical sexual and procreative secrets were revealed to young men and women. Here is where music, dance and celebrations of life took place.

Feminine energy abounds here.

The site dictates what is built there, as Hakim would say.


As we entered the gate our speaker Stephen Mehler

(author of the books ‘Land of Osiris’ and ‘From Light into Darkness’ pointed to the depiction of the underside of the scarab beetle above the gateway.

Khepher the beetle is never usually depicted this way he said.

It was to inform us that the underbelly, or the mysterious deeper secrets, were revealed beyond these gates.


Once inside there is a great long walk to the courtyard.


Many ancient artifacts lay about. Including this little fellow. Named BES, I was told he was a deity associated with frivolity. The original Greenman I suspect.


I was full of energy and joy and began to dance a bit, attracting the attention of one of the guardians of the site.

He wanted to show me a special niche and I went with him. The rounded niches were wonderful and full of energy. I took time lean my back into one close my eyes and receive.

I shed a few tears before re joining the group. Upon reflection, this release was part two of my preparation to meet the NTR SEK-MET at Karnak Temple. More on that in a future blog….


Once inside the temple you are stopped by the awesome artwork and size of the place.

Cool and inviting you feel welcome and drawn inside. One is also always crossing a slab of granite at each ENTRANCE, to ‘entrance’ you to the next frequency as is said.


You are amazed by the sheer size. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. You don’t know where to look first. You can’t decide whether to take photos or experience it directly. I longed for a cot to lay on so I could stop straining my neck to see upwards.


The ceiling is a masterpiece of astrological depictions.


See the sun in the corner? We will see that motif again.


In the basement there is a wonderful area of small hallways with the richest artwork in relief on the walls. Here is where we see the famous ‘Dendera light bulb’ depictions along with many beautiful carvings. My heart was overwhelmed while down in the passage.

At the far end on one side of this narrow HOT hallway are the light bulb carvings.


It is hard to get your back far enough up against the opposite wall to photograph them.

More depictions, which were so beautiful it was incredible to think how they were constructed in order to give you such a wonderful feeling.



The best was yet to come.

After climbing out of that basement I was literally drawn away from the group to the opposite side of the temple into a small room off the main area. Here I found steps leading to small square chapel. This is the Chapel of HAT-HOR and the home to so much loving feminine energy I was blown away.


I went up the steps and looked up to the ceiling. The image is of NUT, NTR (Nature) of the sky. She is stretched across feet on one side hands on the other. From her womb issue forth rays of light.

The light falls on HAT-HOR who is seen rising from the Earth between two mountains. A tree grows on each mountain. Milk from her breasts adds to the nourishment.

This depicts The 5 Sun Cycle, which is representative of birth maturation and death and rebirth. These cycles can also be related to our lives, our day/night cycle, our seasons, as well as our overall human consciousness evolution.


NUT is the Day sky and MUT is the Night sky. Here is the ceiling from a sister chapel at Edfu I took depicting MUT.


The 5 Sun Cycle description is analogy for ‘human consciousness’ as well as our ‘lifetime’ and each ‘day’.

It goes like this:

The Sun is born at NUTs womb, and the symbol of the first sun is KHEPHER the beetle pushing up the sun.

Second Sun is RA the adolescent, the impetuous morning.

Third sun is OON, the mature one at noon or mid life.

Then ATEN is fourth, the elder WISE one.


Fifth the mother swallows the sun and all is in darkness, only the moon shines. Called AMEN, it is the phase we are now moving out of. We still say AMEN at the end of prayers. It means ‘let it be hidden’ or ‘the moon is out’, but we are feeling the dawning of the beetle KHEPHER pushing light into our world at this time. It’s morning. New Light has many implications.

Upon seeing this symbol I had a revelation. The SHELL logo is also the sun rising between two mountains.

Screenshot 2014-04-10 10.12.36

It is a symbol of a secret society.

When I saw the ceiling in the Chapel of HAT-HOR I was over come with the realization of how much the patriarchal forces have usurped the mothers’ energy.

The repression and disrespect for the female energies we live with today is the result.

Here was the original depiction of the life-giving concept and in our modern time it has been stolen, pillaged and sold back to us by an oil and gas company. The free energy light bulbs depicted right below this temple crossed my mind. I sat outside on the steps to drink in my revelation.

I silently thanked KHEPHER and HAT-HOR for birthing this sunbeam into my consciousness.


Just then some young boys who were looking down at me from the open rooftop started to hoot and holler.

I realized they could see down my top. Tossing my purple scarf over myself, I laughed.

Here was the disrespect for the female in my face, instant confirmation. This knowledge broke a damn in me. Unconditional love coursed through me. I felt oddly at home.

I sat on the step as my tour companion Layal came into the temple and took my picture. Yousef our guide followed behind her. Yousef yelled at the noisy boys in Arabic and Layal, who was from Kuwait, so understood, translated for me:

‘Go away you pigs you’re embarrassing me in front of my friends.’

To be so quickly defended by a mature loving man, against disrespectful younger males, was healing for me.

It was heaven to see the new cycle being created before me. I was so happy I wanted to move into this spot. NUT told me that was not possible as I was too independent for such dependence.

What a wonderful experience. The cherry on top came next.


Layal looked at me sharply then smiled. She told me my energy had been transformed. Now she felt more comfortably with me, where as before I was rigid.

I had to agree I was changed. A spot had opened in my heart. I was more relaxed with myself, my feminine energy validated, reflected out for her to sense. Now we were sister travelers, friends, family. Life can be so rich. Gratitude poured from my soul.

I invite you to tour KMT. Come support your Egyptian family and explore the unique sights and sounds of ancient KMT. The land is guaranteed to transform your perceptions.

The Band of Peace, ancient KMT and these special guides will make certain you get what you need.

Right to left: Mohamed Ibrahim Chris Dunn Stephen Mehler Brien Forester Yousef and Patricia Awyan Gary Evans (seated) The Khemit School Leaders

Our guides and speakers from left to right :

Mohammed Ibrahim, Chris Dunn, Stephen Mehler, Brien Forester, Yousef and Patricia Awyan, (seated) Gary Evans . TEF-NUT the great behind them.

For more information

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