5 Suns and 3 Steps

I toured Egypt in 2013. The Khemit School was offering a Techno/Spiritual Adventure of a lifetime.

Egyptian Museum Grounds

Notable draws were Peru/Bolivia guide Brien Foerster, UK Travel GURU Gary Evans, Authours Stephen Mehler and Christopher Dunn, along with Founding school members, KMT Oral Tradition keeper Yousef Awyan his wife Patricia and wonderfully informed progressive Egyptologist Mohamed Ibrahim.

Yousef and Patricia Awyan of the KSAM
Yousef and Patricia Awyan of The Khemit School
Prior to leaving, I read all the books Brien, Stephen and Chris had published. I WAS EXCITED and prepared in context to experience Ancient Khemit.
During the the two week country tour we learned more then I could imagine.
Starting with a great opening/receiving and release at the first Temple we stopped at.
Medinet Habu.
Screenshot 2016-01-27 12.02.51
Once well inside the third open space of this wonderful Temple, a ‘Galabayah man’ or Family Guardian, guided me off to a small chamber on our right. In the image above you can see the ceilings are still on these chambers.
In ancient times Madinat Habu was known as Djanet. The ancient belief was that this place was where AMUN first appeared. Both Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis III built a temple dedicated to AMUN here. Later Rameses III constructed his larger memorial temple on the site. Many wonders here.
The sites have Police or Administrative Officials, and the Family Keepers who are the residents. YOU offer Baksheesh (tip) as respect and aid. Their knowing and lineage is vast.
Our main Guide Yousef Awyan (Baksheesh payer-tour plus) is known to all Family Guardians as an Oral Tradition Keeper. Learning in this way is authentic and full of spiritual meaning.
The Keeper then placed my head against a wall on a carving of the ANK (personal energy tool of the ancients) in the hand of HAT-HOR or IS-IS. I didn’t know the difference in the moment as it was a blur.
I’m leaning to IS-IS 🙂
“Please, 2 minutes Madame”, he said and left me there, head against wall.
I stood and did as told, forehead to stone and breathed. I don’t know what happened next. An energy vibrated me. I melted felt less sharp. Perhaps some relief at travel being done I thought, being finally being at our first site. I was crying tears of joy 2 minuets later upon the Keepers return.

A younger male tour mate came looking for me. Curiously this young man had my son’s same birth date but not the same year.

The Keeper asked if he was my husband and I laughed and said:
“What ? NO he’s my son !”

So after that fun conversation with a sweet soul of a Guardian we rejoined the group.

That was step, one.
Next I had an experience at Dendera Temple complex. An understanding of the the celebrations of living, the 5 Sun Cycle. It changed my perception of history, time, space and my place in all. Past blog on that here.
After speaking with Gary Evans, I was very excited to arrive at this particular Temple site. Stephen Mehler pointed out the underside of the KHEPHER beetle on the entry ceiling stone. The underbelly teachings were taught here. The secret powers of intimacy, birth, dance and song.
 Crossing a granite floor stone I became ENTRANCED by frequency.
One of many granite lintle's one passes over as entering deeper into the temple. Frequency changes abound.
I was compelled to break into a spontaneous joyful dance upon entry into the courtyard of HatHor’s Temple. Another guardian quickly spotted me and guided me to the smaller ruins to the right. There were many niches with beautiful Shells above them.
They could have been of Roman construction. Not sure. There seems to be no mortar.
He led me to a certain one and said I should spend time standing in it. Again I did as told.
It was a flushing and washing out is all I can describe it as. Tears flowed again and a giddy happiness filled me. That was step two.
‘Baksheesh’ or offering tip was being given my guide Yousef.
I told my guardian that he could ask for it.
I ran back to the temple and joined the group.
I stood amazed at the entrance to HAT-HOR’S Temple. Taking in the stunning portrayals of day and constellations on one side and night on the other, I staggered around a bit aimlessly. The pillars with the face of HAT-HOR on all four sides are breathtaking.
I spent quite a bit of time here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I followed the others around a bit but was not enthused. Toward the back I was drawn to the basement crypt. A grate was lifted and I climbed backward down through a hole in the floor emerging into a a small passageway.
The artwork here was haunting. Living. Breathing. I was amazed at the famous ‘light bulb’ relief carvings.  Showing that sound gives light. I felt so blessed to be able to be here alone. The heat and small space was overwhelming yet perfect.

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After climbing back up I was directed by my inner memory to the famous Chaple of HAT-HOR.
This image below is on the ceiling there. It represents the 5 Sun Cycle as well as much more. I was very at home here.
 Recently I Watched THE GREAT YEAR on GaiaTV (James Earl Jones narrates:)
It’s a great show on time and the vast cycles of it. It also explores the forgotten reality that our sun has a binary partner. A fascinating concept that explains Precession of the Equinoxes very well. I loved it at 12:50 min in, when John Anthony West says the great cycles are akin to the seasons.
Screenshot 2016-01-25 14.26.16
YES, yes indeed.
In fact also the cycle of the day and lives of humans as well.
Many cultures had various names and measuring forms for the Great Year, however they all concern Precession of the Equinoxes, the suns path backward through the constellations.
In fact they are handed to us through the oral tradition of Pre-Dynastic Egypt.
Het-Ka-Ptah, Khemit, Bu-Wizzer the or The Band of Peace.
Netflix series The Pyramid Code tells this story. I recommend it.
The term HET-KA-PTAH was the original name for the capitol of KMT, The Band of Peace at Memphis. The Greeks transposed it to HI-GI-PTOS and that is where the name Egypt derives from.
The 5 Sun Cycle.
KHEPHER the Dung Beetle.
Making something new from your old crap. Dawning awareness…
Symbolically KHEPHER is pushing up the dawn Sun which is being birth by  Nut/Mother sky
The baby fresh human. We are returning to this now.
Morning Sun. The adolescent teen all pumped up, full of energy and ready to rock.
The new humanity.
The noon time Mid Day maturity of humanity. Mature adult human.
The wise and knowing afternoon of humanity. The Older wise one. AKEN ATEN was trying to hold back this cycle but one cannot fight the cycles of the Sun. The wisdom fell into darkness. He and his family were finally murdered.
The Mother NUT swallows the SUN, now Mother MUT is the sky at night.
The death of a human being.
MUT the sky at night, from Edfu Temple, the sister Chapel to NUT at Dendera.
The death of the sun reveals the moon,
So let it be hidden. A MEN, A MOON is now seen.
We still say AMEN after prayer reflecting the cycle we are currently leaving.
Step 3 took place at Karnak Temple the following day. We were guided to a small chapel away form the larger main temple, it was up a small incline. There was a statue of Lion Goddess SEKMET inside. I realized later…Step one and two were in preparation for meeting her.
I approached her and felt such humiliation and shyness it was incredible. I could not even look at her. I could only, like a bad child, run behind her and lay my head against her back, behind her heart.
She told me I had no reason to feel this way. She was proud of and well pleased with me.
I cried and cried, while glued to her back. A pool of my tears literally formed in the dust at her heels. Finally I was able to sneak out for some picture, encouraged by the group.
Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 9.55.16 AM
I was so loved, so accepted. I felt wonderful. Peaceful. Like Mother had kissed my head.
Gary Evans could not let go of SEKMETS hand 🙂

I feel that I am still integrating the download from Touring with The Khemit School. Tears of joy because there is no escaping The 5 Sun Cycle.

The SIN wave moves through the UNI-versal Mind. Santos Bonnaci has a great lecture on it.

Numbers and Harmonies are everything. They are the blueprint. Out of the Blue You.

The knowledge of Natural Science, healing and harmonizing us, is returning. Mother still loves us, now we must use her ferocity. Turn away from the power of the criminal syndicate that only offer money and gas and oil energy. Start adopting the new technologies. 3D printers can do furniture now. Food soon?

Whatever you want except weapons.

Imagine. The new concepts like NO MONEY can create more ways to be here. See my blog Ubuntu and Us. What will be left to BUY if you don’t need food or gas or have to pay rent. No money, then no need for a central bank to put it in. NO power bills.

Things we buy can be replicated and energy is created by sound.

Soon we will remember 🙂

Happy New Sun 🙂 NOW take your 3 Steps ….

Screenshot 2016-01-25 14.26.16


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