PUMA PUNKU Bolivia 2013

Come on let’s go through the looking glass of our main stream ‘History’.

First we get on the bus from La Paz Bolivia. Driving out of the vast city we travel up to a mysterious vast remote plain. We then arrive at the famous town of Tiahuanaco.


Arriving at this location in the remote Altiplano of Bolivia is exciting and lonely in an odd forgotten way. So much information all around us yet the world is ignoring it.

First I played around in one of the near by museums.

David Hatcher-Childress, who was guiding us too…. (see video ) well… his beautiful awe inspiring wife, snapped these pictures of my ‘time jump’ for posterity.

Note the KMT School T-shirt 42 monkeys group.




Where are we now ?

Get oriented with your guide Brien and his amazing air drone footage here


Of course my tour mates Peasy and Beansie were right with me.


I was so excited I could hardly wait to enter. I believe this is one of the Pre-cataclysmic sites.

Earth has a very long and very different history than the white washed, dumbed down and simple one taught to us.


Within this vast area lays buried remains of an advanced very active and capable society. People who could cut stone better than we can today. Our structures no longer use natural materials in the way these mega ancients did. I call it Natural Science.

This place is smaller by eye level than we see at Kalasasya, yet so near by, one suspects they are part one connected place.


Trying to take it all in. Personal Side note: I was so physically ill and in pain it was hard to focus. I was happy to get back home for my emergency surgery, but the small time I had here was well worth it.

I do hope to return on another add on with Brien’s Team to spend more time, now with my strength back, to explore more fully and document more proof.

Hidden Inca Tours


One of the first stones I noticed was a quite flat one with famous  T clamp cut. I saw them as dove tails in Egypt. Again I say these had more to do with the metal being used to stimulate the natural crystal in the stones to radiate a free natural force for power and life energy.


Convention says these clamps were holding massive stones together.

As if these small surface connections were structural not functional.

Natural technology is lost to our consumer world.


Then Boom the famous H BLOCKS. Not here at a time of day with the fronts are well lit but there you go.

The precision cuts, slight dovetailing, internal 90 degree corners and flatness with mega ancient lichen, attest to the real age of these spectacular in your face historic bombshells.

The photo below shows the well lit backside of the H BLOCKS, as well as a huge platform that could have been a floor. It is hard to know as this site has been scavenged from for thousands of years. Much exciting stuff remains in the ground though. Mama Cocha Lake Titicaca sits 12 miles to the north west yet there is evidence this place was deluged, inundated buy a tidal wave of mud from the lake. Was it a port at one time?? Tin from the lake area ? The name Titicaca sugests tin.

20131111_154251 20131111_154119

20131111_152927 20131111_152855

Heavy Lichen Growth very amazing as it grows so very slowly.

They are among the first living things to grow on fresh rock exposed after an event such as a landslide. The long life-span and slow and regular growth rate of some lichens can be used to date events (lichenometry).

Indicating extreme age just for exposure.

Not evidence of age of the artifact.

20131111_152851 20131111_152824 20131111_152811

20131111_152402 20131111_152349

Please click on the picture below to see the mini-holes an vertical ridge drilled into this stone. The accuracy and precision needed to do this is not achievable by the human hand. High functioning tools need to be involved.


Below David is pointing to another great example of a stone cut not do-able by copper chisels by hand.


If you want to see more about the tools here is an excerpt from another blog I wrote about this topic.

I always wonder if the tools described in Matilda Mac Elroys document Alien_Interview were used to cut these stones at Puma Punku/Tiahuanaco as well as other Egypt etc. These tools are said to be depicted in the hands of the Ponce Stella in Kalasasaya Temple. Good thing that’s where we are.

Below is a drawing of his hands. Did these tools spin or vibrate to generate sound or light waves which could cut through rock? Did the tool produce light to see as one also carved through solid rock, evaporating the stone in the way ?

Drawing of Hands with Tools
A line drawing of tools in hand of statue.
TFHL at Ponce Stella Tiahuanaco Bolivia
Is this Stella holding a depiction of advanced tools ?

So interesting that the same ‘scoop type’ of tool marks seem to be seen in Turkey, China, Peru, and Egypt. I suggest if we look we will find these marks in other ancient sites as well.

Do you think perhaps there once was a global culture that had these tools and this ability ? I suggest there once was. Putting the pieces of our extraordinary history together is the greatest mystery for us to solve today.

Not much more to say for Puma Punku because it speaks for itself.

Take time to click the pics and enjoy 🙂

20131111_152328 20131111_152316   20131111_152249 20131111_152300 20131111_152229



20131111_153700 20131111_153221 20131111_152851 20131111_152855 20131111_152942 20131111_152824 20131111_153147 20131111_153120 20131111_152720 20131111_152644 20131111_152457 20131111_152402

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  1. avian101 says:

    Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku being so much older than the other pre-inca and Inca cultures had far more advance stone cutting technology which it doesn’t make sense.
    It is so interesting to see these places and to find out how ridiculously little we know about them. Thanks for the post my friend! 🙂

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