The Worth of a Human

There seems to be a diabolical agenda underway.

I previously wrote a blog about the ‘anti-human agenda’. It seems to be playing out quite correctly.

The undertone of aggression against Humanity has grown to such a degree we no longer recognize our fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

Due to the collective low opinion of the human species we hold, human rights and freedoms have been curtailed for a ‘good reason’, we think. But is it really our own thought or have we bought into a clever marketing scheme? Are we being sold something through emotional and quasi rational manipulations?

Unfortunately the anti-human agenda has been with us for many eons of time. We are controlled not only by third dimensional planetary sources but off-world ancient sources embroiled in their own narratives their own battles and their own agendas.

The old adage ‘As Above So Below’ is appropriate when we reflect upon our Collective baggage at the moment. We stand now at a line in time where we must pay the piper, so to speak. At this time all our past sins must be weighed and recompense paid. The words Get Real to Heal comes to mind.

All is as it should be though as there are cyclical patterns of creation. We are part of a giant fractal. Our experience is perhaps only the software in a universal computer system. There are many worlds and beings. I digress

Back to the point. Our love for Humanity has become eroded over the centuries. Now we’re sold a narrative that humans are responsible for the death of the Earth itself. The demonic inversion in our information narrative is quite apparent if one is able to step back far enough to see.

Every sacred tenant of healthy human life is being oppressed then inverted and sold as oppressive itself.

Up Is down, black is white, right is wrong, war is peace.

The anti-human agenda is a subliminal inserted into all levels of global culture. In fact the denial of a Supreme Being or a higher creative Source has left us only with our physical, mental and emotional connections. These unfortunately, can easily be manipulated by the world adversary controllers media programming. They do an excellent job of it.

No respect for or pure ignorance of our very Spiritual nature is exactly where the Controllers want us. They can now high-jack it from us. Use us as human batteries for our connection to God.

Without access to our heart and upper chambers (or chakras) our very Spiritual body, we are unaware of our personal Divinity and connection to Source. We are unaware of our co-creative manifestation abilities. We are unaware of our fundamental natal Sacred Human Worth.

This is important because those who control us have denied their connection to Source and must become parasites on ours. If they can control our mental, emotional and physical bodies, they can get us to co-create the world they wish to see, not the world that would be to our highest benefit.

In this regard it behooves all of us to pour love and compassion back into our own species, into Humanity. Redefining The Human Experience in an organic, functional, healthy nurturing paradigm.

Now get going and love those humans. But first you must start with yourself. We will never be able to love Humanity collectively until we love ourselves as individuals. We can now begin forgiving ourselves for everything.

We are worth more than we can imagine.

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  1. I mostly ageee. And I find that we are getting dangerously close to wearing yelliw stars like what was expected in Nazi Germany if you were Jewish.

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    1. I agree dear. It’s crazy as hell out there.

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